The woman is a vendor working at the Kabuki Roundabout’s Dewdrop Inn within the Watson district. She confirms T-Bug’s death when she reveals that the netrunner’s body was found in her apartment with a fried nervous system.

Ainsi, Is T bug still alive cyberpunk?

T-Bug is killed during the heist of Konpeki Plaza after Yorinobu Arasaka has the hotel placed on lockdown after the murder of his father, Saburo.

Par ailleurs, Can t Bug survive? T-Bug’s Story

After introducing Jackie and V to Dexter DeShawn, T-Bug assists the pair throughout the heist, doing much of the technological dirty work from her apartment, until her brain is fried remotely by Arasaka agents and she dies.

Who is Dexter DeShawn? Dexter DeShawn, commonly known as Dex, was a well-known fixer in Night City. In 2077, he recently returned to the city after spending a few years off the grid. He has never personally worked as a mercenary before becoming a fixer, but had no need to thanks to his charisma and keen eye for potential.

How old is Johnny silverhand?

Johnny Silverhand’s real name is Robert John Linder — born on November 16, 1988. This technically makes him 89 years old around the events of Cyberpunk 2077.

What is netrunner cyberpunk?

Netrunner is essentially a build that focuses on Hacking and Stealth as a way to complete objectives in the game. A Netrunner is the pinnacle of efficiency in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe as masters of their craft when it comes to technology.

How old is Arasaka?

Saburo Arasaka reached the age of 101 in 2020. Despite still having his mental prowess, his body would not be able to keep up. He became confined to his estate, bound to a wheelchair, and he handed the reins of the company to Kei Arasaka, his eldest son.

Does Dex shoot V no matter what?

This choice does not matter.

It could affect some things later down the line, but we haven’t spotted any meaningful consequences in our time with the game. If you really want to make the safest decision, side with Evelyn. You won’t have to make your final decision until you meet with Dex at the Afterlife bar.

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Can you find Dexter’s body cyberpunk?

Just follow the road that goes south from the Sunset Motel fast travel point. Eventually, you’ll find yourself back at the scene of the crime. Dexter’s corpse is still here.

Can V and Johnny both live?

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple endings, where either Johnny survives in V’s body or V himself. However, most of the courses do not end well for V after the final. Only one of the ends seems to be an open happy ending. That is the best ending: We are talking about the end that the success “The Star” brings with it.

Is Keanu Reeves a gamer?

In a new interview, Reeves clarified he doesn’t actually play video games – not even his own. Ah Keanu Reeves. International movie star, loveable goofball and E3-stealing gaming hero. Well, it turns out the last part may no longer apply, following a confession during recent interview with The Verge.

Can you find Silverhands body?

Towards the end of the mission, you head over to the place where they buried Johnny Silverhand’s body. This is outside the city limits. Once you get there, a cutscene triggers in which Johnny talks a little bit about his life in the past.

What do Netrunners do?

Netrunners are savvy hackers, but with a cybernetically augmented interface system implanted into their body. Using their brain-computer interface implants, they roam the Internet, looking for systems to hack and information to sell to fixers.

Who can you romance in Cyberpunk 2077?

What characters can you romance in Cyberpunk 2077? Though there are a few characters you can end up with in terms of brief intimate encounters, there are only four main romance paths. Those characters include Judy Alvarez, Panam Palmer, River Ward, and Kerry Eurodyne.

What is a solo cyberpunk?

Solos are mercenaries who specialize in combat skills, whether on the battlefield or as private « huscle » (hired muscle).

Is Arasaka a real company?

About us. The Arasaka Corporation is a world-wide megacorporation dealing in corporate security, banking, and manufacturing. It is one of the most influential megacorporations in the world. The company is also the largest distributor of Japanese-made merchandise throughout the American, European, and Asian markets.

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How old is Saburo cyberpunk?

In 2077, Saburo at the age of 158 and remained in firm control of Arasaka as its CEO.

What was Yorinobus plan?

Yorinobu had a plan for a military coup that would give him and those loyal to his faction complete control of Arasaka Corporation for his plan of sabotage. Part of his plan was also involved his factions in Night City, Kyoto, Dubai, and Paris.

Should I give Dexter the relic?

The Outcome of Siding With Dex or Evelyn

Without giving anything major away, it doesn’t seem to matter which party V chooses to side with. Because of the way the events of the heist go down, V and Jackie won’t get paid, and Dex will stab V in the back regardless, likely for more money in his pocket.

Can you romance Evelyn Parker?

In the second act, Evelyn appears in a different role – V and Judy must find and save her together. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow you to have any kind of romance with Evelyn, regardless of whether you play male or female V.

Do the job for Evelyn or Dex?

Evelyn offers a 50 percent cut, so you wouldn’t need Dex, theoretically. Even if you’re keen to side with Evelyn, you’ll have to select « I’ll think about it » for now. Calling her immediately after this conversation doesn’t offer you the chance to accept her offer either.

Can you romance Judy cyberpunk?

To romance her, you’ll need to have a feminine voice and body type. After that, Judy will be pulled back into your story as part of the Automatic Love main quest, which requires you to try and track down Evelyn Parker again. Call her whenever prompted, and you’ll keep the option of romance alive.

Can you loot Dex?

Once you get to the area, you’ll see Dex’s rotting corpse amidst all the junk. You simply need to approach the corpse and loot it off Dex’s body.

Where is Dexter DeShawn’s body in cyberpunk?